Does this always happen?

    • DrFunk
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      It's funny. I started playing on Mansion, had a heater, crushing NL10, then went 25k hands breaking even.
      I change site to another OnGame affiliate and again, playing NL20, crushing it for 10k hands, now i'm suffering 400BB downswing. Well now I am playing breakeven for quite some time again. :)

      Very funny! :D I should deposit again for another heater, IMO. :)

      I'm not saying it is rigged, i just think this is a funny pattern. Happening to anyone else?

      Thank god for rakeback!

      When I fix PT3 maybe i can show you the graph. :)
      Anyway, I just probably suck at pokers.

      Also, I thinking for a reason for this. Is it possible than I play good when I am starting fresh and start to play bad/like a robot after some time...? Dont know why though...
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