SSS - What do you do with QQ, JJ and Kings or Aces on flop?

    • phullhand
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      Hi guys,

      looking at my PT statistics I found the following numbers:

      ~19K hands
      NL10, NL20 and NL30 limits
      47 x pocket QQ, JJ facing a flop with Aces or Kings
      30 x went to showdown
      W$SD - 46.67%

      I have to confess that is very hard to me to drop this strong hands after raise on flop... but now I see that I'm loosing money doing this..

      So, what you guys have on your database? You always drop this hand when face ace or kings on flop? Can I apply some kind of profitable rule based on my opponent statistics (like if VP$IP > 50%, push!)?
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    • extpan
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      Stick to SHC,and if you have trash hand...simply fold :D

      But if you have note about player and statistic than is ok to play against him bit loser if he is very fishy...but fold trash is simply the best in long run:) ....i hate fold when i think that Im ahead but better fold than go broke :evil:
    • harleytopper
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      19k hands i too little sapmlesize. You will not get correct results. It is only 47 coinflip situations.