I have a question

    • karmolll
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      Pls can someone tell me how do i refil play money at this shit platform?, I want to see if i get the same bad beats there like in real money games...
      I m prety sure i won t play real money here anymore , they DOOMed me and the ony way i won t lose more is if i don t play anymore
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    • 1seednoir1
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      I can't help you with that, never tried it... but for the bad beats i assure you you're not the same...

      Just lost before the final table of a tourney where i could get 50$min... this guy bluffed me with 10 2o while i was holding AJ... A on flop... he manage to catch a straight on river :( ... i'm shaking right now
    • batmanbg
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      Hello karmolll,

      You can try to ask mansion support via livechat, they will help you.

      Best regards,
    • rbdflyboy
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      I quit playind there a week ago. I feel so much better now. I still get bad beats and lose some close one ones once in awhile, but, nothing like playing at mansion. Playing there was too hard on my head. PS has really improved my game. I take that with me to the other sites I play at. I wanted to test myself at the other sites and found I'm alright. I'm NEVER playing there again. I've removed them from my computer and blocked them out. They have a flair for inuendo when one speaks to their support. Their answers are vague at best and they read from script. I've played at other sites of the same caliber and those sites recieved the same fate. I believe one must play where they feel comfotable playing at to begin with. If not failure is immenent. Basic rule of stress if your stressed out remove the stressor. Nuf said.
    • RavForenzo
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      im not against Mansion, quite as much as some of you guys. Ive just cleared all my bonus' now. First deposit as well as PS sign up. I actually won the sit n go i entered with the $20 tourny ticket, so added an extra $100 to my bankroll. I'm gonna withdraw the cash and start a fresh somewhere else. Tried logging in this morning and the server is down, so im pretty fed up with that.

      The only thing im disappointed about is im a member on pretty much all the other sites, so getting my account tracked through PS probs wont happen. Which is a real shame, because I enjoy earning the points.