First Multi Table Tournament Win

    • MisterHomes
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      5$ Turbo on Titan Poker with 51 players. Probably the most exciting tournament I've ever been in.

      Here's just a sample of some of the crazy hands that took place:

      With 6 players left, I was down to just over 1 BB, while being in the BB. Then this happened:

      Then I picked up Aces next hand:

      After making a laydown to an UTG all in raise with 88 (Thanks ICM!), I picked up Queens the next hand and doubled through:

      Nothing really significant happened between this point and 3-handed play (we were 3 handed for 37 hands!), then this heartbreaker happened:

      Heads up had 3 sick hands. After taking a 5/1 chiplead after doubling up with TT vs. JQ, I had a chance to close it out right away:

      Then I almost fell down to less than 10000 chips, until I got saved by Jesus and the other 7 dwarves.

      And I made an even crazier suckout to win:

      So yeah, I'm one pretty happy camper right now! :D
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