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    • pizdetekus
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      I got the bonus, i read half of the articles that are in my rang. But i didn't start to play jet. Should I?

      Acctually i would like to know the strategy of learning...for example:

      I have 2 hours daily for poker....what is the best strategy to play more or to study more?
      I play no-limit SSS;
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    • MrSvingKing
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      Read and understand the SSS articles. Then you are ready for that with your $50. Make them grow and become safe with the play.
    • delete461
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      By far the most important articles to you are the four basic ones - keep reading them over and over. I have about the same time available as you - when I started I had the SHC open in another window while playing and kept checking it all the time until I knew it by heart. I spent the first 3 or 4 days just reading and re-reading the basic articles before I started playing, then I would read one of the basic articles at the beginning of each session until I felt I had mastered the basic articles, then moved onto the bronze ones.
      If you have two hours available each day I suggest you spend at least 30 minutes of that time studying articles especially at the beginning of your career, but this is a habit you probably should keep. No matter how good you think you are getting, always keep studying.

      Good luck