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    • thiaz
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      Hi guys..

      First of all, thanks for delivering such a great website! :) It is truly awesome and you really make sure that anyone has a chance to become great at poker.

      My suggestions lies about you having any plans on translating your guides to danish?
      I see you have it in swedish, so i just wondered - why not having it in danish as well?

      Is it a matter of too low playerbase from Denmark, or you dont have the capabilities of doing it at the moment?

      I sure like the articles in english and rarely have any problems with them, but sometimes i can be nice to read it with ones mother language.

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      Hey thiaz,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

      I have spoken to a few colleagues and there is no plans to create a Danish community at the moment. As you've mentioned, the player base is quite small and most of you Danes speak better English than most English people :P

      At the minute, we don't see the creation of as a necessity but who knows what the future may hold :)