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Full tilt side-pot error

    • tirillo
      Joined: 31.10.2007 Posts: 2
      Elephant says that I lost 2.10 dollars in the hand below. That's exactly my contribution to the pot minus the main pot. It looks like it doesn't take the two side-pots into account.

      Full Tilt Poker Game #8190403329: Table Pacer (6 max) - $0.05/$0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 5:49:47 ET - 2008/09/23
      Seat 1: racheleigh ($2.60)
      Seat 2: Bebo74 ($6.45)
      Seat 3: kanins ($36.70)
      Seat 4: GoodLuck365 ($1.85)
      Seat 5: tirillo ($9.20)
      Seat 6: likealotalickya ($1.20)
      likealotalickya posts the small blind of $0.05
      racheleigh posts the big blind of $0.10
      The button is in seat #5
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to tirillo [As Ah]
      Bebo74 raises to $1.40
      kanins has 15 seconds left to act
      kanins folds
      GoodLuck365 folds
      tirillo calls $1.40
      likealotalickya calls $1.15, and is all in
      racheleigh raises to $2.60, and is all in
      Bebo74 calls $1.20
      tirillo calls $1.20
      *** FLOP *** [Ks 6h Kd]
      Bebo74 bets $3.85, and is all in
      tirillo calls $3.85
      Bebo74 shows [3c Qc]
      tirillo shows [As Ah]
      likealotalickya shows [2c Jc]
      racheleigh shows [Js Ac]
      *** TURN *** [Ks 6h Kd] [Th]
      *** RIVER *** [Ks 6h Kd Th] [2h]
      Bebo74 shows a pair of Kings
      tirillo shows two pair, Aces and Kings
      tirillo wins side pot #2 ($6.95) with two pair, Aces and Kings
      racheleigh shows a pair of Kings
      tirillo wins side pot #1 ($3.75) with two pair, Aces and Kings
      likealotalickya shows two pair, Kings and Twos
      tirillo wins the main pot ($4.35) with two pair, Aces and Kings
      racheleigh adds $2
      Bebo74 stands up
      likealotalickya adds $2
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot $16.70 Main pot $4.80. Side pot 1 $4.20. Side pot 2 $7.70. | Rake $1.65
      Board: [Ks 6h Kd Th 2h]
      Seat 1: racheleigh (big blind) showed [Js Ac] and lost with
      Seat 2: Bebo74 showed [3c Qc] and lost with a pair of Kings
      Seat 3: kanins didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 4: GoodLuck365 didn't bet (folded)
      Seat 5: tirillo (button) showed [As Ah] and won ($15.05) with two pair, Aces and Kings
      Seat 6: likealotalickya (small blind) showed [2c Jc] and lost with
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