bwin rakeback

    • pokernewbie28
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      hi all

      is it possible to change my bwin points into dollars ?

      i cant find any information saying i get rakeback

      At i was getting 18% rakeback , which was yearly around $7000 to $ 8000
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    • acetbfish
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      I think this is the only bonus you can get from bwin: (go to Change & challenge -> poker). And here you can check what you can get with bwin's points: Their vip program is one of the worst btw.
    • Jaikse
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      What's the best way to spend our point on the market ? Bonus cash or direct cash ?

      The max bonus I can have is 500€ for 6000 points. Which means 3k of rake right ? So it's 16% rakeback. But we need to add 2500pts to deblock it and those 2500pts counts for the next tickets.

      On the other side we have a direct cash bonus of 250€ for "only" (:D ) 6600, 3.3k of rake. Which means 7% of direct rakeback.

      Totally crap...
    • donkament
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      If you will keep playing on the website better to take the 500€ for 6000 points. But as said earlier in the thread partypoker/bwin have 1 of the worst rewards systems.