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switching to 6max

    • seacat22
      Joined: 10.08.2013 Posts: 282
      The coaching lesson on 26/10 unfortunately had bad audio. I was trying to ask a question about switching over to 6 max I understand that this is an important step in developing as a poker player. So what is the best plan for switching over?Because of the coaching from the site I am a winning player at FR NL4 and have built up a bank roll to go next level but when I have tried 6 max a massive loser.

      should I play some sessions of only 6 max or have one table of each open so that I can concentrate and learn( I currently play 4 tables of FR comfortably and 6 at a push)perhaps I should concentrate on moving up the limits in FR and then start a lowest limit for 6 max
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    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      Basically only what changes is that in 6-max you have to play looser than in FR, and also you bet and call much more lighter than in FR.

      When i moved from FR to 6-handed i studied quite lot of theory before i even did that actual swap to the 6-max. For someone this could be good way, but for someone else really bad way, so i can't say that this is the ultimate truth.

      Also i would like to play just one "game" at the time, so i wouldn't mix FR and 6-max.
      But hey, this is just my opinion. :)
    • seacat22
      Joined: 10.08.2013 Posts: 282
      thanks for the input the idea of playing fr and and sh at the same time is I know I am a winner at fr (playing a straight forward strategy) so the winnings would pay for my education at sh (losses) I certainly intend to study more to broaden out my game and not get stuck in one game or level. However I take your point about not being distracted.
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      Hi there seacat22

      +1 to what PerusJamppa said about having to play looser, however I think there are some important things to understand about that... basically 6max is exactly the same as fullring, only you don't have the first 3 early positions. UTG in 6max = MP in fullring and so for that reason the ranges are relatively wider... but that doesnt mean that you should say "hey, I'm playing 6max - I should loosen up!" - I think that would be a mistake.

      The most important thing in 6max is adjusting to the players at the table. In my opinion you wouldn't be making much of a mistake if you just brought your tight fullring game to 6max tables at the beginning. This will keep you out of trouble... I made the mistake of moving to 6max and actively trying to play looser, because that's what I read, but then I found I was getting totally owned. So here are some pointers:

      1) Don't adjust too much just because "it's 6max" - just play your normal game and adjust only as much as is necessary given the table conditions and your opponents.

      2) When thinking about loosening up you should pay the most attention to the CO and BU to start with - stealing will increase your vpip/pfr in a profitable way. Also, the blinds come around quicker so you need to pick them up more.

      3) Set mining is overrated.

      4) Post hands!

      I hope that helps.