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Full Tilt - Bug on software

    • SkamanVN
      Joined: 05.01.2010 Posts: 39

      I experienced something odd with Full Tilt some days ago. While playing a multi-entry $15 MTT the software bugged on both tables I was playing. The connection was good, I could see the game going on but sometime one of my hole cards didn't show up, sometime it was one community card on flop or turn that didn't show up and all the time I couldn't see the cards of other players before or after the flop, so I couldn't say who was still involved in the hand on flop. Also during all-in the cards didn't show. This is very frustrating.

      Did anyone have the same problem?

      What has been even more frustrating is the attitude of Full Tilt. Not being sure this was a one time problem or not I registered for a small point qualifier. The same problem happened and this time I made snapshot of my screen showing the problem. I contacted Full Tilt to report about the problem and asked for a refund of the buys-in. I attached the snapshot but they just didn't care and blamed my internet connection. The fact that HM2 recorded all the information normally, showing that I wasn't disconnected and data reached my computer normally, didn't seem to bother them, they stand on their statement that their software is fine and the problem is on my side.

      I withdrew my bankroll from this site given the answer they gave me and the little care they have for customers and asked to close my account for good. Anyway what is the point of playing poker on a room where you can't even see the cards?

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    • arthurbentley
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 264
      Yeah, something very similar happened to me after a software update. This is how I fixed it.

      Firstly, uninstall the FT client and clear all your cookies. Then restart your computer and upload the FT client. This should fix the problem. It did for me.
    • SkamanVN
      Joined: 05.01.2010 Posts: 39
      Hi Arthurbentley,

      Thanks for your reply and your explanation. Yet it won't be necessary, I closed my account with Full Tilt. I don't want to make a cent of rake for a site who doesn't even listen to customers.

      The way they dealt with that was really surreal. They kept talking about disconnection problem on my side when I showed them it wasn't.

      Very poor customer support.

      By the way the software is so bugged that I can't even remove it. Some files can't be deleted (graphic files, from where the problem comes) as they are still in use even after I restarted my computer and didn't even open any software.