Well I used to play limit games back in the days at Absolute poker. Already made hundreds from it there. But it was all instinct plays. Well since SSS is not working very well with me, i went back to limit games. This night the 0.15/0.30limit was boring with not enough players, only one table to play at. So i decided to move up the limit to 0.25/0.50limit where there was a full table. Sat with 5$ and in less than an hour i was at 21$...
Since there was only one table (late night in Mansion is like playing in the desert), I decided to move up the limit. My bankroll is more than 200$ so i think i can could take the risk. Sat at a 0.5/1$limit table with 10$, and guess what, I turn it to 31$ in less than 30mn .... catching sets like pairs... and straight like 2pairs... well i left after losing 5$in one hand.

Total winning from guts limit= 32$... what more can i ask for a crazy try

Since Mansion is Down for maintenance, I'm gonna check the strategy articles on limit holdem. I may have find my path!!!