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Second number in hand strength distribution

    • bodhisoma
      Joined: 01.11.2013 Posts: 2
      I realize this information is almost certainly somewhere I could access it but I could not find anywhere.

      In the hand strength distribution, there are often two numbers. eg:

      Hand Strength   Count   Frequency (cumulated)
      two pair           11   3.9% (6.0%)

      Is the second number without card removal?

      Thanks much in advance!
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    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,588
      Hey bodhisoma,

      First of all, welcome to the forum!

      The second number is the cumulated number of hand combinations in a range.

      Let's say we have a range of AJs+,KJs+,QJs on a board of Js3h2h.

      On that board, you'll find you have 9 top pair combos (42.9%) and 8 A high combos (38.1%). But behind A high you'll also find the 81% as the cumulated number of combos. This means that 81% of your range (42.9% + 38.1%) is made up of top pair combos and A high combos.

      Hopefully that makes sense!

      Kind regards,
    • bodhisoma
      Joined: 01.11.2013 Posts: 2
      Yep, that makes perfect sense.

      I think I had an instinct that what you describe was the case but I was thrown off by the drawing hands not adding to that cumulative count.