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      Greetings from the UK!

      I've been skirting around this forum for a week or so now. Not really posted anything useful or interesting yet. This is just a quick message to say hello to you all and to tell you a little bit about myself.

      I'm Ben from Manchester, UK. I'm 18 years of age and am currently joining the Parachute Regiment of the Army. I've been playing poker for quite a long time for my age. I remember playing 5-card draw with my mum at 12 years of age!

      I look at poker as a hobby that could turn into something more. I've never applied myself enough to try and achieve what every poker player wants to achieve. Personally I am happy if I can spend the rest of my life ever-so-slowly building up my bankroll.

      This isn't to say that I'm a typical fish, because I think I'm quite smart with my money, after all, that's part of the fun for me! I think, with my mindset, I don't tilt so bad as I otherwise would.

      Well, with all that being said! Good day!


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