Average winnings/salary

    • drakgun
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      Hi all,

      I would like to know what is the expected salary playing micro and low stakes in NL, SnG and zooms for about 3h-4h/day?

      Which strategy would you recommend to start winning 60-70$/day?

      Thanks in advance.

      All the best,
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    • PerusJamppa
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      For example in cahs games you can count it if you have some idea what's your bb/100 hands.
      Let's say that you play NL25 and your winrate is 5bb/100 hands, so on average you win 1,25$/100 hands. Hourly rate is a bit difficult to count without knowing how many tables (= how many hands/hour) you're playing.
    • wazawanga
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      easy 70-100$ salary at lowstakes NL zoom.

      strategy is basically loose agressive for image,... to get paid more.

      this way you will get the highest salary possible.