Hey guys I'm new!

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      Good day sirs and madams,

      My name is Joris and I'm 26 years old and I'm from the lovely place called Holland. However I am spending an aweful lot of time in Mexico to be with my girlfriend (which is from here). I actually signed up for pokerstrategy a long time ago, but have only just found out now how much contect and strategy there actually is on the site. Just too awesome to miss out on ;)

      I started playing poker like a lot of years ago already, but have been on and off longer breaks. In the past I have been a solid winner at 50nl rush (before black friday), but have recently been struggling with my game at 25nl zoom where i started after I came back from a 6 month break.

      I am currently trying to find out where I struggle most in my game, which is most likely the mental part and concentration. Therefor my plan is to focus this month on the concentration part, do exercises, getting into a nice rithm of learning and playing etc. and next month I will start working on "The Mental Game of Poker" from Jared Tendler.

      Also I am actually doing the beginners course from pokerstrategy, which is really refreshing so far and I would recommend it to beginning players.

      For next year I have the plan to start a Supernova Challange on pokerstars, meaning I will make a blog (mostly for myself to track my progress). I hope that by that time I have worked my way up to 50nl zoom again.

      If you are interested I am also looking for poker buddies who play at the same or a little higher limit than me. Feel free to send me a pm ;)

      Run good, feel great and see you guys around!
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