• XLeoD
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      Ello everyone

      Im Xavier, 19 years of age and a great poker enthusiast.

      i played many different sites recently (for no apparent reason). at the moment i've stuck myself on pokerstars due having a passion for MTT's

      my nick there is XLeoD and you can often find me play $6 - 22 sng's, mtt's ranging from $1 - 20 and small'ish stake cash tables on 8-game, 2-7lowball, omaha, nlhe, razz and horse

      See you around :)
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello XLeoD and welcome to the boards :)

      Great to see someone with a diverse interest in different formats :)

      We also have a lot of PokerStars players - and even play our regular MTT community battles there. There are plenty of good SNG videos and coachings on the site so I hope to see you around - I'm sure there is plenty of information on the forum & site that will help you improve your game.

      Best regards,