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      Hello everyone,
      first of all, a quick introduction. I am an 28 year old poker enthusiast from Slovakia. I have a regular job and poker is just a hobby for me. I used to play back when I was on an university, then came the black Friday and my room was closed. Although it was then open for non-US players, it wasn´t the same and I stopped playing. Then I got a job and there was no time for my old hobby. However I was, somewhere back in my head, still thinking on it, dreaming about qualifying on EPT etc. Once I opened my client again, I realized, how badly I am missing the game. I started sporadically to play, first some SNGs, what was my main and only one discipline at the time I was playing regularly and then tried some MTTs as well.

      When I saw the November Marathon promo featured on the main page of PS site, I decided to give it a chance and motivate myself with this blog, where I will post my main aims and where I will post the progress, just to keep a track for myself and hopefully to discuss some problematic spots/topics with you - other players as well.

      So my main aim is to find a spare time for poker on a regular base and to combine it with my work and other hobbies. Secondly I would like to learn how to play MTTs - a long term aim, I know, but that´s why I am on PS.com :) And some short term ones - I woul like to play the Micro Millions events, not all of them, but as most as possible. I would like to earn a higher status here, on PS.com, using the "level up" promotion (gold status) and since there is an EPT event in Prague in December, what is just 4 hours from my hometown, I would like to play some steps/qualifications for this event and give it a shot. That´s enough for the November.

      Hopefully I will be able to post some relevant or problematic hands, so this blog will be beneficial not only for me, but for other players as well. Definitely I will be posting more content about the steps, because there is not much written about it as far as I know, so those of you, who play these steps, feel free to post your experience here as well.
      Have a great Sunday and GL at the tables.

      Marian aka Zloch
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