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    • bgxyz
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      Help! Would someone reply within a few hours?

      In the PS article on "M-Factor According to Dan Harrington" the author says that when M is falling into the 10 to 20 range, "... using 3-bets in small and mid sized MTTs, you can make steals very profitable. You can even 3-bet all-in from a blind position as a steal-raise."

      Okay, but what is a mid-sized MTT? Tomorrow I enter a live MTT with a buy-in of $1675 Canadian for 20,000 chips, 900 players, three days. Some fish, Some good, only a few pros. So is this an MTT where steals are profitable especially when M is getting low? Or is it too big. Why would a big MTT make steals less profitable?

      Thank you for any help you can offer.
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    • Asaban
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      Not sure what the article is refering to exactly.
      A normal restealing stack would be between ~15 and ~25 Big Blinds which is a M of ~6 to ~10 in most tournaments.

      I wouldn't play a resteal with more than that - at least not as an allin.

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      The only reason I could think of is that in a large MTT, you could find yourself in that position with opponents that have very high Ms thus reducing the impact of your fold equity.

      I can't recall Harrington actually making any distinction between tournament sizes or your opponents Ms having an effect on your decision.

      A bit confused myself