plugging my leakage

    • munkey7
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      Does anybody have any suggestions for plugging leaks in your sit n go game with HM2, like what kind of filters you input and such. There are just sooooo many I don't know where to start.
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      Hey munkey7,

      I'm moving this to our SNG Discussion board.

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi there!

      I would recommend improving your ICM and posting hands in the forum as that helped me the most.

      But as for HEM2, you can play a bit with filters. What helped me the most is analysing certain spots. You can click on Analyse player, select youself or whoever , play a bit with the filters. Say, you are unsure of your 3bet pot games, select the filter and hands will pop up for you to review em. Or you feel insecure how to play 4-handed with 15-20bb, just work with the number of players filter and BB filter and you are good to go.

      Or you wanna study the game of a fellow reg-just select his name and the spots you want to go over.

      I think you can also check how much money you are losing/winning on different blind levels and that would help you after a good sample(I know they had this in HEM1, but tbh, I am not sure how to check it in HEM2).

    • munkey7
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      thanks Kurrkabin!!!!!