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SnG Basic Articles

    • sc2zerker
      Joined: 21.12.2012 Posts: 205
      My post refers to the 2 SnG Basic articles found on pokerstrategy

      Pokerstrategies article section -> Basic SnGs.

      1) Sit and Go beginner strategy
      2) How to play after the flop

      Both articles are under the basic section. The article "How to play after the flop" contradicts the first article "sit and go beginner strategy". Or maybe i'm misunderstanding the material? It gives you a chart as followed in "Sit and Go beginner strategy"

      Your cards -> Flop | Turn | River
      Top pair -> Bet / raise | Bet / raise | Bet / raise
      Strong draw -> Bet / Raise | Bet / raise | check / fold(unless you hit your draw)
      other cards | check / fold

      So it's saying to bet / raise when you hold a strong draw up until the river. In which case you bet if you hit your draw, or check/fold if you miss it. In the How to play after the flop in the SnG section, it directly goes in the opposite direction and tells you to fold any draw. " Don't play draws " a huge section on it as well.

      So what are you suppose to do post-flop with a strong draw in SnG? Bet / Raise or check/fold?

      Im sure i must be misunderstanding the material or something, very confusing. Thanks for any help in advance
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    • sc2zerker
      Joined: 21.12.2012 Posts: 205
      An interesting note to make it both hands play very well strong draws and top pairs. They both get great equity in equilab.

      Something like KQo that his a top pair of kings would get the follow

      Top pair on flop

      (vs random 100%)

      Your hand
      K :spade: Q :heart:

      K :club: 9 :diamond: 5 :club:
      ( 83%)

      (the nuts) Strong Draw on flop

      Your hand
      A :heart: J :heart:

      K :club: 9:heart: 5 :heart:
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Ok, I read those articles long time ago, but not to cause any more confusion, it goes like this:

      I will c/r-stack off with every monster draw(at least 12 outs). An overcard and flush draw is 12 outs, to give you an example.

      Weak draws, you can still play aggressively, depending on the board and the opponent, stack sizes etc. I believe it's really wrong if we try to generalize draws or top pair hands too much. It depends on so many things. However, as a thumb of rule-never fold an overpair to an unknown and top pair/good kicker(J or higher) is usually bet/stack off on the flop.

      I would advice you to watch some of our videos as they are gonna give you a lot of useful info. For what you didn't get an answer-better posts the spots(hands) in our sng evaluation forum. Or attend an sng coaching and watch the coach play live(you can also ask questions). Poker is definitely not a simple game to explain, but you are gonna get the touch of it the more you play, the more you post, the more vids you watch.