Do you ever vary your SB vs BB ranges during play?

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      Strange title, I know. I am thinking like this:

      Suppose that you have a (very) recent history with your opponent, and say, for instance, that you have raised from the SB with the bottom of your range plenty of times in the past half hour - and your opponent knows it. Now you get dealt close-to-trash again. Still adhere to the (static) range and raise?

      Same scenario, but your opponent doesn't know (because he has folded a lot)? Exploit or suspect that he will adjust and call looser? [Here I'd just keep my normal range.]

      Another scenario, now in the BB versus a passive and fairly tight SB. Ordinarily, if he limps and I check, and he checks on the flop, I'll bet in the neighborhood of 9X% of the times (the remaining, very small percentage are slowplays). Suppose that this has happened a bunch of times. Is there now a reason to occasionally raise a preflop limp with my absolute trash? The rationale would be that it lends my hand a little more credibility on the flop if two or more high cards fall. My opponent might not believe my bet-when-he-checks for the gazillionth time unless I raise preflop. Alternatively, is there a reason to not try to steal every single pot and check behind on occasion? Like if I flop a gutshot to a small straight. [I don't really believe in this latter thing vs a tightish opponent.]

      The overall reason that I ask is that during my sessions, the "best part" of the overall result comes from the first half of the session. This is not like a recent observation. It has always been that for me. I can't interpret it in any other way than that my opponents read me as I read them. One could go on and "adjust" check-raising ranges and stuff like that in BU vs BB pots, but the heads-up play in SB vs BB seems to be the most "obvious" place to start if one is to adjust at all.

      /Johan = ?(
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