Sample Sizes Help Please

    • metza
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      Sometimes when I am checking stats I don't have time to hover over opportunities in my HUD, so I use stats that are actually misleading.

      For example, if I see 14.2% 3bet I assume I have ok sample size when sometimes number like this is 1/7.

      To counter this, I am blacking out stats in my HUD till they reach a certain # of opportunities. While I want some sort of accuracy in my stats, sometimes its better to have some clue than nothing, so I would rather have a stat become visible too soon than too late.

      What do you guys reckon about these sample size ranges?

      VPIP/PFR, Positional RFI, 3bet pre, Fold to 3bet = show after 10 opportunities
      4bet+ pre = shows up after 30 opportunities
      Fold sb; bb; bb vs sb to steal = show after 5 opportunities
      cbet flop, turn river, fold to flop turn river cbet = show after 5 opportunities
      checkraise,fold to checkraise = show after 10 opportunities
      WTSD = show after 10 opportunities
      bet IP, bet OOP = show after 10 opportunities
      Flop turn river AFq = show after 50 opportunities
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi Metza...
      I like the concept.

      Also, I think that your numbers are OK except for 4Bet+ pre
      Even 10 opportunities is going to represent a fair number of hands.

      If someone 4Bets a lot, it will show up fairly early, and I would want to know.

      Why not run with the numbers as-is, and see how you feel after 10K hands or so, and adjust as desired?

      Best of luck,