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2014: Insanity in elite!!!

    • belthazorrrr
      Joined: 12.02.2011 Posts: 1,334

      I will try to reach 100.000 vpps or $s in 2014 by playing 6 max hypers

      After putting a 20k month, I was saw how was the traffic in 9m. I was quite dissapointed that the games above 15$s didnt run as much as I would like so I was thinking what should I do. I could mix in turbos but I dont like to mix different formats and/or speeds

      I havent played in 2014 any 6 max, so I am a newby in this format. Definitely, it will take some time to learn this but I am quite confident about my skills and my work ethic. I would be happy if I can achieve 100.000$ even if I dont hit elite, but I will be super pleased if I hit elite too

      I wasnt supposed to create a new thread but after talking with someone, he told me that all this nonsense that happen in every thread is my fuel to work really hard. Propably he is right

      From my side, I will try to not whine about red line and I will post only graphs from sharkscope. I think I loose too much energy whining and I dont focus in the bigger picture. I run 3k bellow ev or 375bis but I am still a big winner in those. It is funny to cry for this amount when I won 11x of this. It is more funny to cry for this amount when I see people in 30$s and 60$s loosing 20-30k

      My results post rakeback this year:

      This blog will have four parts

      1) 6 max hypers


      -Achieve 3% in 15$s until the end of the year
      -Reach 100k vpps or $s playing them
      -Top 5 in leaderboards 16-35$s
      -15+ tabling them
      -20 reviewing hours no matter what (this is absolutely minimum)

      2) Fitness

      I m proud to report than I managed to loose 13 kgs since August following a harsh nutrition plan. I was 98 kgs and now I am 85kgs. I used to be 72 kgs with a really athletic body, but the last 2 years were cruel. I was up and down between 88-98kgs


      -Finish (finally) insanity workout
      -Drop to 80 kgs
      -Be ripped
      -Follow my diet program religiously

      3) Cash games

      I will most likely involve with heads up cash games. This is by far my favourite format and I will slowly learn it. It will not be my main game because I have no experience in this format but I think it will help me with sngs too. Any winnings or loosings will be added to the final result of my goal. If I see that I can make more in hus than sngs, I will do it my main game (obviously)


      -Be 400nl regular

      4) Magic the gathering

      For those who dont know, mtg is a trading card game. It is like yugi-oh but much more difficult. I used to play until I became 16 years old. Now I am playing for about 1.5 month. The results arent very good but I need to time to learn the formats and how you play around them

      For those who know. I play standard and modern. I play control type decks in both formats. I think control decks need much more skill and brain than other archetypes this is why I chose it


      -Take down at least 36 events
      -Be in the money at least in 40 events

      There is a big chance to move in Thailand by September. I always wanted to move there and stay for a year or something. The main reason was that the best man of my uncle was in Thailand and he described me how it was. It was astonishing and I thought it was one of the things I must do. He married a Thai girld and now they are living in Greece. I know that most people criticize the way thai community works in these things but he is really happy with his life and this is all that matters

      Finally, I love to watch series. Anyone who would like to recommend me anything, feel free do it. In my opinion the best of the last 3 years are californication, suits, sons of anarchy and game of thrones


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