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Rebuy Tournament (here we go again)

    • danutz123
      Joined: 03.05.2006 Posts: 128
      I have another chance to get into the next stop of the MPS in Vienna (which I won a package for to the last one in Montenegro) and face the same dilemma.

      Originally posted by danutz123
      I won by playing freerolls a seat in 770's MPS satellite. The winners, of whom there will be 1 of every 15 registered, get hotel, flight (to Vienna, I believe) and the €770 buy-in for a live tournament.

      But alas it's a rebuy tournament. Rebuys and add-ons are €25 and you start with 3000 chips and get 4000 and 6000.

      I have barely €50 in the account and wouldn't rebuy if I get stacked in the first 6 levels.

      Advantages if I play from the beginning, rebuying once and adding on at the break:

      possibility with help from cards of taking serial rebuy donkeys' chips and having a commanding stack after rebuys are over

      playing tight, even if I get skunked in the first 6 levels, I'll should still have on average around 11.000 chips after the the add-on -- marginally fewer than if I wait to register

      If I do well at first it will mitigate the effect of adding chips to the tourament, which necessitates winning more chips to get into the money.

      Advantages if I register late in the 6th level, then rebuy and addon:

      I'll avoid getting stacked with a suckout and have 12.000 chips at blinds of 120 -- not a terrible chance

      There should be some players eliminated who can't/don't rebuy.

      Any player who loses his stack thereafter will put me that much closer to the money rather than being able to rebuy and stay in the tournament..
      How I won the sattelite ticket (similar to last time): won a freeroll to get into a freeroll, won a €2.10 ticket in the freeroll, won a €21 ticket in the €2.10 tournament and finally, won the €21 tournament into the MPS satellite. Again, not a bad run :)

      In the last tournament I played in, there were 53 registered and a total of 6 rebuy/addons. Everyone it seemed had around a starting stack or had doubled up. Nobody on my table who got stacked re-bought and by the break there were only 31 left after the rebuy period was over.

      I bought in and immediately re-bought 15 minutes in and playing super-tight, I lost 1000 chips and got them back later. After the add-on period was over, my addon made me the chip leader.

      I'm leaning toward buying in at the end of the registration period for this one. I never play a tournament that costs €50 or more unless I win it in a freeroll but I'd be a fool not to invest the €50 (which again is all I'm willing to spend) for such equity as I'd get. People are rebuying for these a little more these days but a large portion of the field is almost always gone after the reg period is over and my stack would be well in contention, if not the largest this time.

      What I'm worried about is getting coolered and not realising the equity of a far above average stack of 12000 with a substantial part of the field gone.
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    • danutz123
      Joined: 03.05.2006 Posts: 128
      BTW, in Montenegro, I busted just short of the money getting it in with a turned flush against a set with the river pairing the board but won a €770 ticket only to Vienna in the 2nd chance freeroll (2nd place, 1st got the package -- all-in heads up 33 vs A3o and A came on the the turn) and was able to sell the ticket.