I remember the old days!

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      Hi there, guess I'd best say hello to everyone.

      I've recently returned to poker after a 6 year break and my, how things have changed! When I played before, I think limit was the more popular game and then it was often a case of waiting for good cards and just hanging on for dear life to the river! Aye, them were t'days! Tables with an average saw flop of 50-60% were quite normal then. (at least that's how I remember it lol)

      Now it seems hard to find limit table except at the micro limits, so I'm trying to come to grips with no-limit. I won a little, got too confident and lost a little and realised I had a lot to re-learn. I stumbled across pokerstrategy.com in my search fro knowledge and after taking time to go over some of the excellent videos and articles here, I have a positive bankroll again.

      Just taking baby steps at the moment, trying to build a winning strategy, increasing the number of tables I'm playing and building a bankroll before moving up stakes. I realised I still have so much to learn after tuning into an advanced Boomer coaching session and he was talking rocket science or something lol.

      I enjoy playing full table cash games but I've found that I can make a reasonable profit at SnG at least up to $5 and that was before discovering ICM and Nash. I really enjoy the supportive atmosphere here, everyone seems so helpful and encouraging and there is certainly a lot of good knowledge and skilful players here. So glad I found you!
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