NL100 QQ Overplayed?

    • muel294
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      Live Game £1/£1
      4 players
      Hero SB ~£150
      BB (LAG) ~ £400
      CO (just moved from another table seems LP)
      Villain (BU) (seems LP just moved) ~£150

      CO straddles £2, BU calls £2, Hero (Q :club: Q :spade:) raises to £9, BB calls £9, CO calls £9, BU calls £9

      (pot = £36)
      Flop: 5 :club: 3 :club: 7 :club:
      Hero bets £25, 2 folds, BU raises to £50, Hero raises to £116 and is All-in, Villain BU calls and shows A :club: 8 :heart:

      At the time bet/broke seemed like the best line vs someone who seemed like a recreational, loose and passive player. He had been open limping and min raising and his hand selection indicated this also.

      Preflop I put him on something like the following:

      Board: 5:club: 3:club: 7:club:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      BU     21.03%  20.61%   0.41% { QQ-22, A2s+, K2s+, Q8s+, J7s+, T7s+, 96s+, 85s+, 75s+, 64s+, 54s, 43s, A2o+, K7o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T7o+, 96o+, 86o+, 75o+, 64o+, 53o+, 43o }
      SB     78.97%  78.56%   0.41% { QsQc }

      Pretty wide but basically ruling out AA/KK obv,maybe QQ.

      Given that it is a MWP postflop and I think lots of people can have sets/2pr+ here do you think bet/fold or even bet/call or x/c are better lines.

      When he raises me OTF I was expecting him to be doing this with something TP+ and good draws :

      Board: 5:club: 3:club: 7:club:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      BU     47.93%  47.32%   0.61% { QdQh, 7d7h, 7d7s, 7h7s, 5d5h, 5d5s, 5h5s, 3d3h, 3d3s, 3h3s, 64s, AcKc, AcJc, KcJc, AcTc, KcTc, JcTc, Ac9c, Kc9c, Jc9c, Tc9c, Ac8c, Kc8c, Jc8c, Tc8c, 9c8c, Ad7d, Ah7h, As7s, Kd7d, Kh7h, Ks7s, 9d7d, 9h7h, 9s7s, 8d7d, 8h7h, 8s7s, Ac6c, Kc6c, 9c6c, 8c6c, 7d5d, 7h5h, 7s5s, Ac4c, Kc4c, Ac2c, Kc2c, AcKd, AcKh, AcKs, AcQd, AcQh, AcJd, AcJh, AcJs, AcTd, AcTh, AcTs, Ac9d, Ac9h, Ac9s, Ac8d, Ac8h, Ac8s, Ad7h, Ad7s, Ah7d, Ah7s, As7d, As7h, Ac7d, Ac7h, Ac7s, Ac6d, Ac6h, Ac6s, Ac5d, Ac5h, Ac5s, Ad4c, Ah4c, As4c, Ac4d, Ac4h, Ac4s, Ac3d, Ac3h, Ac3s, Ac2d, Ac2h, Ac2s, Kd7h, Kd7s, Kh7d, Kh7s, Ks7d, Ks7h, Kc7d, Kc7h, Kc7s, Td7c, Th7c, Ts7c, Tc7d, Tc7h, Tc7s, 9d7c, 9h7c, 9s7c, 9c7d, 9c7h, 9c7s, 8d7c, 8h7c, 8s7c, 8c7d, 8c7h, 8c7s, 7d6c, 7h6c, 7s6c, 7c6d, 7c6h, 7c6s, 7d5h, 7d5s, 7h5d, 7h5s, 7s5d, 7s5h, 5d3h, 5d3s, 5h3d, 5h3s, 5s3d, 5s3h }
      SB     52.07%  51.46%   0.61% { QsQc }

      So when I shoveed I was hoping to extract vale from some draws and weaker OP's basically.

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