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    • Pottosaurus
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      I have been playing online poker now for around 6months and have been studying and actally playing high standard for about the last 4 months.. Im a micro mtt grinder on Stars and have had some pretty sick scores so far.. 1st big score i shipped the 5k gtd 2.75 for about 1k about 3months ago, i busted in 3rd in the hot 2.20 for about 700 on stars 2months ago (would have easily shipped this one but internet disconnected!!aaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!), and 3weeks ago i final tabled the 4.40 (busted in 4th) and 2.20 soom tourneys (busted in 2nd), 1.10 rebuy 30k gtd (busted in 6th) and busted in 12th in the big 16.50 in one days work (Raking in aaround $1400 that day!!! So all in all my poker has had a huge lift off.. I have accepted variance easily, my focus and endurance levels are very good imo with these mtts.. Most of my learning came from a guy named Evan Jarvis who i came across on youtube ( [Link Removed - Matt] )-(i really advise any beginner to check his stuff out especially mtt grinders) But now im expanding my poker knowledge by finding new friends and keen grinders to meet and play with..
      I have one problem that has messed with my bankroll, and its that im in debt of around4k which i hope to get paid off over the next 6months and have been using my wins to lower my debt.. Im a really keen poker player and i think i have some knowledge i can share with you all when it comes to mtts, so please feel free to add me or whatever or even pop in to say hi.!! Here so much i want to say but i wont go any futher.. GL @ the tables and #GETSTAKIN!!!!
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      Hey Pottosaurus,

      Welcome to

      You've certainly had a pretty sick start to your MTT career. You seem to have a fair idea of what you need to do and some of the pitfalls.

      Being able to accept variance is so important. Once variance starts to affect you mentally, it can literally unravel your game.

      Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you around the forums.


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      Welcome to the boards Pottosaurus :)

      That's some nice scores for sure, I hope to see some more soon!

      I've had to remove the website link you providing as we don't allow linking to our competition.

      I trust you understand.

      If you have any questions feel free to add me in the Community Tool and we can discuss further.

      Best of luck!