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    • sirrybob
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      Hi guys. I have many poker playing friends at various stakes, and often see some of them struggling.
      My advice is always the same - the most efficient way, by far, to improve in poker, or in anything in life for that matter, is to get a good coach.

      About me:

      I'm thirty years old with a BA in Computer Science and Philosophy. Online poker has been my job for the past four years. I have also worked as both a Mathematics and English tutor, and studied Physics and Psychology at university level.

      I started playing 6max cash games in late 2010, and quickly moved up from 50NL to 400NL without encountering much resistance.
      Unfortunately, Black Friday came and I had to restart at 50nl. This has resulted in me playing small stakes quite a bit.
      I have a lot of current experience playing 50-400NL on PokerStars, and have developed a unique playing style that has me winning money in a place where most regs are losing - the redline.

      Here are my results at 50-400NL (most of my volume was there) over the last 2 years:

      About coaching:

      Before starting I like to chat a bit to see where you currently are in poker, and what are your expectations from coaching.

      When contacting me please consider and tell me the following

      1. Brief description of your poker history including current stakes and winrate

      2. What do you believe are your current strengths and weaknesses

      3. What would you like to get out of coaching

      I prefer starting with a video review where I can find leaks in your game and confirm the things you are doing well. From the video review we will be able to find topics for future sessions. If for example I think you play a hand poorly in a 3bet pot without initiative, we can build a whole session about playing 3bet pots without initiative. Don't think of the video review as a slow start, but more as a tree to productive future sessions.

      I don't necessarily want to teach you how to be the best player in the world. I want to help you build a strong fundamental base to your game and naturally souls will be owned!

      To get an idea of my playing style you can watch the videos I've made on Pokerstrategy.com. They are available at gold through diamond status (search for sirrybob/Uri Peleg)


      My coaching rate is 175$/hour.
      Five hour package is 160$/hour (you can decide after first hour if that's what you want).

      There is a chance these rates will change based on demand.


      Please add me on the community tool and when I accept message me your Skype where we can discuss further how to proceed.
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    • double2
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      Hi guys,

      Uri has helped me a lot in the past few weeks and, as anyone who attends his Thurdays coachings knows, he explains things in a very detailed manner. I really like his approach to the game and I'm definitely looking forward to more coaching sessions. My results on 100nl are improving and I'll be taking 200nl by assault really soon :) .
    • wazawanga
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      Hello guys.

      I'm a midstakes player and just got some coaching from Uri and I'm pretty happy about it, will most likely continue coaching with him.

      Uri is a guy who wins a lot of pots at nonsd, this is quite the opposite from what I do and it's very good to have someone as good and as different as he is to take in new perspectives.

      Uri has played a lot of hands while 4tabling and has thought a lot of poker and that's why I picked him over someone putting in insane amount of volume because I just want to improve my game by finding new ways to exploit my opponents, new strategies etc etc.

      I think he is also very good for someone who plays at nl50-100 because he is good at finding leaks, has a very good grasp of fundamentals and also explains things in a simple manner that you can understand.
    • Coreprime
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      hi !

      Just had a session with Uri. We reviewed a video of me playing. He found several leaks in my game and mistakes in my thought process. He explained concepts very clearly and pointed out different lines which I woudnt have considered taking. He has a very good understanding of the game and is by far the best coach I ever worked with. (had sessions with 6 other coaches before)
      Overall I´m very satisfied with the coaching and will definitely do more sessions with him in the future.
    • LisaPPRNMD
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      I have been in a poker group with Uri for a couple of years and also received coaching from him. His lessons are very well structured and always informative. He has a fundamentally strong game, while also playing in a unique way that I hadn't really seen before from other coaches and training videos. His coaching was tailored to my game and areas I didn't feel comfortable, but he also provided me with resources to work on things myself outside of our sessions.

      Overall Uri is a great guy who will take pride in trying to help you become the best player you can be, and I am sure with his help, like me, you will see a noticeable increase in your winrate.
    • ManiaculDinamovist
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      If I had enough money to afford a coaching session, I would definitely choose Uri Peleg. He is my second choice after Raskolnikov. Both of them are super heros and role models for me! I wish some day to become as good as Uri, I am very committed to this game and have a very good work ethic! There is not such a thing as talent in poker, or if it does exist, it is very rare! Skill is obtained by hard work and I am not going to give up!
    • Lucker9200
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      Hi there:)

      Ive had a few sessions with Uri and Ive visited most of his live coachings and from what Ive seen/experienced from working with him he's definetly very skilled player,understands the game quite good and is also a very nice&friendly guy. I would even say he's one of the best at exploitative play imo and as u can see from his results he's really crushing his stakes.
      So overall I would definetly recommend his coachings if you want to take your game to the next level and if you like working with someone who knows what he's doing and cares to explain his thought process in a way you can understand.
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      friend request sent! :)
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      friend request sent
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      new member, is there another to contact you?

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      Add me on skype I'm uri_peleg there
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      Hi ,

      I´m a new member here in PS but I´ve been playing zoom games NL100 around for a while.

      This year I didn´t had a huge bankroll to afford to bought coach packages but I decided to take a shot at Uri because I really like his videos. that being said I decided to take 1 class and if the things work out we continue. And after the first session I just realized that I would like to make 10 classes because what he teached me it was really interesting.

      He have a very simple way to explain his thought process and he is very friendly very well, makes you feel very confortable during the session which in my eyes helps the learning process.

      I know you guys probably would like to see some graphs so here goes, my results before coaching


      After coach:


      It have some hands on NL200 and NL50 but the 95% is from NL100.

      I´ve to say that Uri have doing a great job with me and I highly recommend him as a coach for those who have a open mind and are willing to learn new things.

      Sucess Uri and thanks for everything!
    • jeebRNMD
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      Sent you request. Would like to get some coaching.
    • Fiskantes
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      Uri´s know how helped me to crush ZOOM 100 and shot ZOOM 200 succesfully.

      post coaching graph

      I approve this coach :f_cool:
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      Friend request sent. Am interested in coaching.

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      I sent you friend request. Want to talk about coaching.

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      Hi, I sent friend request. Interested in coaching
    • dalmar469
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      I just finished 5-hour package with Uri and I can say that he is great coach. He helped me a lot with my game and I learned in that 5 hours more than in a year or two by myself. He will help you a lot if you struggle in small stakes and midstakes. He works on his game and always want to improve and knows how to explain his thought process and that's just few of many pluses about him. With him i had 7,93 ev bb/100 in nl100 (28k hands) and now shooting for nl200. I will definitely continue coaching with him.

      And he's cool and easy person to work with.

      Thanks Uri
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      Im interested in coaching, i sent a friend request

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      Is it still on? Any updates?