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      Hi everyone.

      Right, once again I did not find a time to play for more than 2 months..

      I'm working only three days a week (mid week/ 8hrs - day)
      Going to gym - pretty much every day (2-2.5h including trip there and back)
      Rest of time spend on household things: cooking, washing, laundry, tidying up.

      I'm on holiday at my parents place to think/plan everything at the moment.
      I'm also during research about proper food (nutrition) which will help me with the gym.

      So.. once I don't have to do anything in here i want to plan my week.. including above.

      I want to hear any advise from you?
      What works for you?

      Alright I may hear find a girlfriend or a wife :D :D LoL

      How does your week looks like - specially weekend (i think that's the most busy time in poker schedule)
      Guys if you play almost everyday - when you cook, when you tidy up etc ?
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