Hello Everyone!!!

    • ARIBAS
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      Hi there everyone from the PS Community...

      I am from Brazil (not sure if there are many of us brazillians here yet), and have been trying to play Poker for real lately... for the last few months (maybe 6 month experience so far - not much).

      It was very nice to find a place/site like this one. Looks like the right place for acquiring a lot of knowledge from articles, coachings and from others experiences. I am pretty sure I will be able to improve my game.

      PS, with the support and the good startup promotions we can find here, was maybe the push I was missing in order to go try the real money online tables out there.

      I will definetelly tell my friends and brazillian poker buddies about the site (already brought 4 of them along). More coming soon...

      Best regards to all !!!!
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    • batmanbg
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      Hello and Welcome to PokerStrategy.com. When you invite your friends don't forget to give them your affiliate link, so to can earn something additional :)
    • SoyCD
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      Hello ARIBAS and welcome :)

      We actually have quite a lot of Brazilians at the site - although most of them are on the Portuguese part of the site (http://pt.pokerstrategy.com/forum/)

      Its good to see you are bringing your friends along - with our Tell-a-friend program it is even quite profitable for you :)

      So have fun reading the articles, watching videos and attending coachings!

      Hope to see you around.
      Best regards,