Monitoring your bankroll balance

    • maca1214
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      Hi. Do you guys monitor your bankroll balance in the cashier or in the poker softwares. It's kind of an obsession and I want to grow out of it. Upswings make me feel good and downswing make me feel bad so it's pointless to do it. And downswings make me chase losses. I can hide my bankroll in the poker software but in holdem manager it's too easy to refresh the session wins and losses. Do you do that?
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    • Rihard4a
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      I used to do it before. But if you do, then there is a big problem regarding your game - you are results oriented. Being results oriented ruins the quality of your game. Why? Because you base your actions on wins or losses, i.e. if you win - you did something good, if you lose - you did something bad.

      Instead think of only your decisions no matter what is the outcome. Do it throughout your sessions. Then once you finish your session, you can review the quality of your game without relying on the outcome, if you are unsure whether you played good or bad - post your hands in the forums. :)
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      I have mine on my HUD. Plus cashier open behind tables. All about your mindset, I don't care if I win or lose (obviously prefer to win)- I just don't want to lose to much in one session if I am not playing my best.


      After posting and thinking some more, I think this is a common excuse used by poker players so they don't focus on what is actually at fault. Them.

      Whether you look at cashier or not shouldn't even be a problem. You look at your bank balance right? To make sure your wages went in - see how much cash you have for some life event. Does this bring to your mind oh no shouldn't of looked at my balance?
      No. So why does it at the poker table? I think you are not playing well or have had a bad run of cards and failed to compensate so you look elsewhere for problems that don't involve Poker playing skill...

      Basically diverting attention from the real issues affecting your game that you can't be bothered to address.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, All...

      On Hand At A Time.

      Ever and Always.

      I note my balance when I log in -- it is hard to miss.

      I play a set length of time / set # of hands so I have no need for a stop-loss in $ terms, but I will stop play early if my mental state is sub-optimal -- and I track my mental state closely.

      Even with all that protection against being "results oriented" I usually know my session results to within 10 BB or so. The trick is to prevent that information from influencing any decisions.

      Best of luck,
    • Tomaloc
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      yes i keep track of it in the hud :f_biggrin: "results oriented" yadda yadda this is actually exactly how i roll:

      - small loss bad mental state -> quit
      - small win bad mental state -> quit
      - big loss (~3BI) -> quit regardless

      that usually leads to very short sessions when my sleep schedule is screwed up, like nowadays. :f_biggrin:

      if i'm protecting my wins or chasing losses? at least a bit i guess, but in any case i personally find it easier to quit when you are playing badly and know for a fact that you are 2BI down, instead of "somewhere between 1-3", then you talk yourself into playing and at the end of the session suddenly you find out that you just lost like 10BI or something :f_biggrin: