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Free Christmas Coaching from our experienced players & VIPs

    • MJPerry
      Joined: 03.10.2011 Posts: 4,910

      Dear community,

      Many of us want to give something back to our community during the Christmas season. Like the years before, some of our more experienced and successful PokerStrategists have decided to personally coach one or more PokerStrategists for free!

      We would like to thank everyone who has already decided to take part in this Christmas coaching event, or who will do so at a later date. Everyone who wants to volunteer as a coach has the opportunity to do so until the very last minute.

      How can I get a coaching session?

      That's easy! Just post in the corresponding thread and state the game type and limit you would like to be coached for.

      The more information your favourite coach knows about you, the higher your chances of being accepted.

      After the application period ends, all participating Diamonds, Black Members, and coaches are free to choose their respective students and discuss all necessary details such as how and when your sessions take place.

      Who are our coaches? You can find out in this thread:

      Santa Clauses 2013

      Just apply for your favourite coach in this thread. Please don't forget to state your game type and stake.

      For the sake of clarity we would like to ask all coaches and students to use our community tool to make appointments!

      Applicants so far:

      No Limit
      - Malendes - NL2 FR Zoom - chopfi
      - ImMrTryHard - NL2 to NL4 Zoom - pleno1 or maritsula
      - Lucker9200 - NL50 to NL100 SH - Itsnevereasy
      - LemOn36 - NL50 - Itsnevereasy or pleno1
      - Zeltn1 - NL50 SH - pleno1 or Itsnevereasy
      - pokerprons - NL50 SH Zoom - pleno1
      - gadget51 - NL25 SH - BogdanPS
      - RasTweet - NL20 SH Speed
      - tHINGfISH - BrokesoBroke
      - Ensyfer - NL25 SH - BrokesoBroke
      - sentin1ty - NL25 SH Zoom - pleno1
      - DamianDimi - NL25 SH
      - muel294 - NL2 to NL10
      - Fosterek - NL2 Zoom - BogdanPS
      - ilioas - NL10 - jules97 or everyoneissolid
      - bouchapipe - NL25 SH - everyoneissolid
      - Rihard4a - NL10 SH Zoom - BrokesoBroke
      - JCSeerup - NL10 FR - pleno1
      - jachis - NL20
      - Bunn3yB0y - NL10 Zoom
      - VTomukas - NL25 to NL50 Zoom/Rush - maritsula
      - acetbfish - NL10 to NL25 Zoom
      - lelemalee - NL10 to NL16 - BogdanPS (or pleno1/everyoneissolid)
      - gretemikaite - NL25 Zoom - BrokesoBroke
      - jules97 - NL50 to NL100
      - mlatasrb - NL50 to NL100 fast fold
      - noulispa - NL25
      - kiromanAAKK - Up to NL10
      - ovatsuG21 - NL50 Zoom - pleno1
      - zoty79 - Up to NL10 SH - pleno1 or BogdanPS
      - booomm - NL50 to NL100
      - tukioppilas62 - NL10 Zoom
      - MJQuads - NL50 SH Zoom - pleno1
      - scrazy - NL50 to NL100 SH
      - Veini - NL50 Zoom - BrokesoBroke
      - JohnyC1337 - NL100 Zoom - pleno1 or BrokesoBroke
      - wlcKeD - NL50 Zoom - maritsula, BrokesoBroke or pleno1
      - seranpoker - NL10 Zoom
      - ursusmm - NL100 Zoom - pleno1
      - Maloco87 - NL5 6max - pleno1
      - Sunrise1912 - NL5 to NL10 Zoom
      - Farmarchist - NL200 Zoom - pleno1
      - nilan84 - NL10 - jules97
      - vuciitis - NL10 SH Zoom - BogdanPS
      - Varune - NL50 SH Zoom - pleno1 or BrokesoBroke
      - yaxkukmian - NL25 SH - BogdanPS
      - RRKKRR - NL50 to NL100 - Itsnevereasy or pleno1
      - Shuttled - NL25 SH Zoom - pleno1, BogdanPS or BrokesoBroke
      - Gadgaard - NL50 SH Zoom - pleno1 or Itsnevereasy
      - nabokow - NL16 to NL25 - BogdanPS, ursusmm, everyoneissolid or pleno1
      - stompy91 - NL5 Zoom - BrokesoBroke
      - NightShadePMC - NL10 FR Zoom
      - helliaspapas - NL5
      - MasochisticDesire - NL5 SH Zoom - BogdanPS
      - N0pr3s3n7 - NL200 to NL400 - pleno1
      - Hashkan - NL25
      - holmeboy - NL25 - ursusmm or pleno1
      - SariyskiiS - NL100 to NL200 SH - pleno1, Itsnevereasy or BrokesoBroke

      Sit & Go
      - Ramble - $1.50 9man
      - alxpoker91 - $15 to $30 9man
      - Gavron23 - $15 to $60 6man turbo - lessthanthree
      - sc2zerker - $0.12 6man
      - Glopslart - $1 standard or HU
      - gnb07 - $3.50 to $7 HU hypers - Wriggers
      - Shinersen - $3.50 HU hypers - Wriggers
      - BYOBToBBQ - Up to $3.50 6max hypers
      - ozzy31 - $7 6max hypers
      - Alvarogg2711 - Up to €5 9mans/18mans
      - tonduluboy - $1.50 50/50s
      - bigfl0p - $7 HU hupers - ragney or Wriggers
      - kolonel71 - HU hypers - ragney or Wriggers
      - IvicaIliev77 - $15 to $30 6max - lessthanthree
      - Egidatorius - $7 to $15 9mans
      - pLAYERsjsk - High stakes 9mans - lessthanthree
      - topolman - $5 9mans
      - thazar - $5 6max
      - biogas - $7 to $15 9mans - lessthanthree
      - mortal1ty - $3.50 to $7 6max and 9mans
      - tonypmm - $20 to $50 6max - lessthanthree

      - ikkvr - Up to $11 MTTs
      - Fr0z3nByt3 - $0.50 45mans
      - alphabeat - $3.50 to $7 45mans
      - z0fman - Low/Midstakes
      - flplopes - Up to $22 MTTs
      - benaars - MTTs - Asaban

      Fixed Limit
      - Avataren - 5/10 - Boomer2k10
      - akasoul - Up to $7 HU SNGs - Boomer2k10
      - floaty - 0.25/50 - Boomer2k10

      - ragney - PLO10 to PLO25 - Skodljivec
      - Timmaywin - PLO5 to PLO10 - Skodljivec
      - SeagalSteven - PLO25 - Skodljivec
      - MrTrocks - PLO50 - Skodljivec
      - ProActiveK - PLO10 to PLO25 - Skodljivec
      - acerbikas - PLO25 - Skodljivec

      - flplopes - ErikStenqvist
      - yaxkukmian - ErikStenqvist
      - Gadgaard - Schnitzelfisch
      - everyoneissolid - Schnitzelfisch or ErikStenqvist
      - bas0r - ErikStenqvist
      [/quote]You can apply for your Christmas coaching session until December 18 - after that, the coaches will choose their students by the closing date of December 20 and then contact them personally. Of course, all coaches are free to choose and contact their respective Padawans before that date.

      Again, we want to thank all participating coaches and wish all of you a good time and good luck!

      All the best,
      Your team at
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    • BarryCarter
      Joined: 13.01.2011 Posts: 5,611
      Bumpety bump
    • Malendes
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 971
      :spade: Game: NL2 FR Zoom at Stars.
      I have a profit at around 7,5bb/100, but havnt been able to move up yet. That is why I would like a coach to work with me, and help me improve my game.

      :heart: Favourite coach: Chopfi

      :diamond: My poker history: Started playing poker a few years ago, mostly for fun with friends or playmoney.
      Just before I turned 18 I started studying poker, and when I turned 18 a few months ago I dep. 100$ which I got to 900$ at the game Badugi, but I didnt knew anything about BRM, so lost all the money again. :f_eek:
      Now I started again, with a dep. at 100$ on Stars. I try to stay focused on my game, and slowly build my BR. I read poker books, and use alot time try to improve my game. :f_cool:

      The reason I should be choosen, is because I think I got what it takes to be a decent player. I am serious about my game, and have learned from my fails in the start.
    • ikkvr
      Joined: 19.12.2012 Posts: 995
      Game - mtts Upto 11$ I play mtts on weekends but nvr got any goodscores except a few 30-40th places I know the basics of playing tight early on,blind stealing and short stack play but dont know where I am wrong or overdoing some stuff

      Cash-I play nl5 zoom SH and have beaten in the past but I crashed my br on mtts a few times so couldnt move up so will like to have zoom coaching also if possible :D

      If i can get only1 coaching I would prefer mtts

      volume-no prob in volume studying so can play long hours
    • ImMrTryHard
      Joined: 22.06.2012 Posts: 14
      I'm a former 5$ SnG 9-max Regular grinder, had to cash out due to economical problems.

      Lately i deposited 13$ o PokerStars and decide to play 6-max ZOOM and build my roll.

      I've played 10K hands in 6 days.

      Here are my stats + graphs:

      I would like to be coached by pleno1 or maritsula on NL2 ZOOM although i'm close to moving up to NL4 (with 20BI BRM)

      TL;DR would like to be coached by pleon1 or maritsula on NL2 or NL4 ZOOM, i've played 10K hands in 6 days with 16.7BB/100
    • Ramble
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 1,460
      $1.50 Turbo STT SnG - Full Ring on Stars.

      I'm currently a losing player actively working on improving and would love to get some advice from someone with tons more experience, knowledge and skill.

      I've never deposited and had grinded my free $50 from PS up to about $500 progressing up to the $5 FR SnG's at FullTilt before Black Friday. I stopped playing after that and just started up again 8 weeks ago by transferring money over to Stars and trying out the Turbos.

      By the Numbers:
      Tourneys: 840
      ITM: 36.4%
      ROI: -2.13% (was positive up to about 150 games ago)
    • alxpoker91
      Joined: 03.12.2011 Posts: 1,030
      I play 15$-30$ 9 man.I work on my game almost every day and I think my ICM game is pretty solid so I am looking for someone to show me where I can improve.I think form these stake edges are smaller and smaller so a coaching is always welcome.
    • Lucker9200
      Joined: 18.06.2010 Posts: 271
      Limits playing: nl50-nl100 sh
      Favourite coach: Itsnevereasy
      Reasons to apply: I want to improve my game and crush souls :)
      More information: I reaally want to Crush souls
    • LemOn36
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,953
      Limits playing: NL16-NL50 regular tables. Coaching for NL50
      favorite coach: It'sNevereasy or Pleno1

      I am a professional player, currently grinding it on NL16 mostly. I know I beat NL50 but rly need the confidence to move up and play it more often and coaching would be of great help. My last month:

      I can do any time after November 8th

      My blog:
      November marathon with a bit of backstory:
      [November Marathon] - [LemOn36] - Doc.LemOn
    • Zeltzn1
      Joined: 15.06.2013 Posts: 1,631
      I play NL50 SH normal tables at Pokerstars.

      As my favourite coach I pick Pleno1/Itsnevereasy.

      I am playing NL50 as a losing/BE player. I am working on my game constantly, but I am not still able to beat NL50. It would be great experience to have a coaching session with one of the coaches because I think they have a lot to offer and I am willing to work and crush souls!
    • Gavron23
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 2,863
      I play 15-60$ 6max turbo SNG's
      Favorite coach - lessthanthree
      Reason to apply - while I am beating the 15-30s limits with ease, i struggle with 60$+ limits.
      More information - lessthanthree is the person whom i have benefited the most from this forum, evaluating my hands for more than two years, making videos, and even doing some private coaching :)
    • pokerprons
      Joined: 30.09.2009 Posts: 421

      nl50 zoom 6max reg here. I would be delighted to get a coaching from pleno1 or lnternet because I believe they can help me become the best player at the limit and move up. I'm already doing my best and watching all the videos I can but I believe this coaching would really bring my game to another level.

      fingers crossed! :)

    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      NL25 losing/Be 6max nit.

      My favourite coach has to be the mighty Bogdan, he makes it easy to understand and has infinite patience for my inane drivel questions in coachings.

      I haven't got a huge db for the level I play as I'm new there (about a month).

      Holding my (breath and everything else)

    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Playing nl20 speed right now, had a nl50 shot which went bad and then spewed some more right now. Slowly building up to nl50 again.

      Reason for applying: I'm very confident on nl20 right now, I don't know on nl50 since I only played 5k hands there. Anyway I want to build up my roll till I have a nl50 BR and then take some serious coaching. I really want to boost my game to another level and I need a coach to help me with that. That means it'll probably be a longterm coaching thing. So this is a great way to meet a coach, get a feel for it and maybe it could lead into something beautiful :f_love:

      Why waiting till nl50 BR? I started with the free $50, never spend my own money and want it to keep it like that.

      You can find out more about me in this newsarticle and in my blog

      Happy Xmas everyone!

    • tHINGfISH
      Joined: 21.10.2007 Posts: 204
      I'd like to apply for brokesobroke.
    • Ensyfer
      Joined: 06.10.2007 Posts: 317
      Playing NL25/ 6max - parttime ( student)
      Applying for BrokesoBroke, because he was the first coach who confirmed my suspicion and told me the truth how to NOT learn poker.
    • sentin1ty
      Joined: 20.03.2009 Posts: 123
      Playing NL25 zoom 6max
      Story: Still trying to cruch that limit :(
      Would be awesome to get a coaching from pleno1, but I would be very happy ofc if some other guy above would pick me too
    • sc2zerker
      Joined: 21.12.2012 Posts: 205
      6 Max REG SnG (0.10$ + 0.02$) limit

      My Blog

      - A/S/L = 26 / Male / Canada
      - Avg games per week = 200
      (Note: Would like to see this number jump to 700SnG a week.)
      - Tables played at once = 7-9
      - Days played = 7 days a week, every week
      - Study to play ratio = 60/40
      - Time spent into poker = 50+ hours a week
      - Current ROI = 9%
      - Current Rake = 20%
      - Poker Room played = Poker770
      - total games played = Estimated @ 800 SnGs
      - I have TeamViewer / Good microphone.

      Favourite coach: The one that will accept me and improve my game the most :)

      Additional Information: Gamer at heart, I started playing poker roughly 12 weeks ago. I've improved a lot thanks to my friend kyhol. I have joined several skype groups to improve my game as well. When I reach 300 PS posts I plan to apply to staking groups to improve my game more. I'm a fairly poor person so money is a very big motivator for me. The lack of money is also the reason why I apply to promotions like this one and play at the 12cent limits.

      I really wish you would pick me as it would be the best xmas present ever.... :)
    • Avataren
      Joined: 28.04.2010 Posts: 1,745
      Game: Fixed Limit

      Favorite Coach: Boomer2k10

      Why: Because Boomer has the most wet dream inducing accent and has a good firm knowledge on how to beat the stakes he plays and below on top of that he is also great at making people understand you, Even me who has to be told 1000 times he makes me go "ahhh i see that way" within a short period of time.

      career: 2.5BB/100 5/Tc winner looking to go up in stakes faster and quicker than ever now.
    • DamianDimi
      Joined: 14.12.2012 Posts: 314

      Playing NL25 6max
      Story: Still trying to go to higher limit
      Would be awesome to get a coaching I would be very happy.

      Thanks :f_cool: