[NL2-NL10] Yet another AK misses flop

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    • srohack
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      with no history i would actualy consider folding preflop if this was a decent player . you are suposed to have a very tight range from utg+1 and when he 3 bet your utg raise from utg+2 he is suposed to have a tighter range something like qq +, ak so mucking is not bad .
      but if you know he is spewy and does this with a wider range then 4 bet calling preflop is totaly fine
      as played i would check fold flop because when he calls your 4 bets his range is realy realy tight ( probably aa,kk)
    • TheBrood
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      When he calls my 4 bet preflop isnt he showing weakness? Wouldnt AA, KK reraise here?

      Why would AA, KK go all in on dry river?