NL 5-Card Draw MTT Push/Fold ranges

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      I've entered MicroMillions-056: $5.50 NL Draw [$5K Gtd]

      I'm pretty much OK with my chances of going deep, however getting REALLY deep will require a strategy for the high blind levels

      So borrowing from "Harrington's M" -- M = Stack/(BB + SB + Ante x 6) -- I'm want to decide what the push/fold cutoff will be from each position.

      For Example:
      in EP KKT95 has a 50% chance that al hands after it are worse.
      Any worse pairs calling have the same chance to improve that you do.

      It gets tricky w/ weak 2pr hands which pretty much have no chance to improve.
      Getting called by AAxxx while holding TTXXx pretty means that you're out if they hit ANYTHING.

      At what point is it advisable to shove draws?
      I see players do this in the latter stages -- usually players that folded their way into the money, and are on the brink of elimination. Rarely successfully.

      I won't have a HUD either -- the best I'll be able to do is colour-code players as loose, average or tight, and I have other codes for "pats a lot" or "calls pats" "defends blinds al lot" etc.

      In my last NL 5-Card Draw MTT I did the following:
      For 0 < M ≤ 5 I shoved w/ any hand with a 40% chance of beating all remaining hands (no fold equity expected)
      For 5 < M ≤ 10 same w/ 66%
      For 10 < M ≤ 13 same w/ 75%
      From 13 < M ≤ 17 (3Bet shove w/ hands > 50% of the range above the likely bottom of villain open-raising range.

      The above assumes I'm the short stack.
      I'll have to devise calling ranges too, as well as ranges for shoving into short stackes assuming I'm the big stack.

      Any input appreciated.

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    • jon011
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      TCOOP Draw tournament is coming up in January, so it's definitely useful to revise push-fold ranges.

      I would especially recommend looking over SB vs BB with different stacks.
    • VorpalF2F
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      In my last major tournament, I never quite got to this stage, so I'm going with the ranges as I said -- assuming I get to use them.

      The last $1.10 tourney I entered, I didn't need them -- the only hand I open shoved was a low pat straight -- and I lost to the big stack who drew 1 and hit a boat.

      I'm going to play a few more of these $1.10 MTT NL 5-Card Draws for practice.

      Best of luck,