SSS auto top-up

    • erptech
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      A question for SSS experts, if I use the auto top up option (20BB) on Full Tilt, does anything change in profitability of SSS (considering it predicts manual rebuying on 15BBs)?
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    • JonatanW
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      SSS is most profitable between 14-16 BB if I recall correctly, it becomes unprofitable when you get close to 10-11 BB. The reason we buy in with 20 is because we cant buy in with less. I suggest you rebuy when you get down to 11-12 BB. The article about Sklanskly pushes suggest not to rebuy but I dont think its profitable to play with under 10BB, if I hit my premium I want to get paid, plus I have to push any hand I play if I play with as little as 10 BB meaning I can't raise / fold for example a AJ from CO.