Additional Pokerstrategy Bonus - Mansion

    • Nastypasty
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      Following on from an earlier post (pasted below)

      I have now over 4000 mansion points, how do I clear the additional bonus.
      Can anyone help me on this. Many thanks


      Hi folks.

      18.01.2008 07:35
      To earn the additional $100 bonus, do I need to collect 800 PokerStrategy points, or 800 Mansion points?

      Secondly, when I am in 'My Account' on Mansion I see a section called MCP under 'Account Summary' can I assume that MCP means Mansion Points?

      Many Thanks.

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      hi nastypasty

      For the aditional $100 dlls...u need 2200 Mansion points...
      i dont know how its called MCP or MPP..u can ask to mansion support
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi Nastypasty,

      the bonus is released as you gain MPPs as shown below:
      150 MPP - $8 Bonus
      300 MPP - $10 Bonus
      400 MPP - A ticket for a $20+$2 Tournament
      500 MPP - $12 Bonus
      750 MPP - $15 Bonus
      1.000 MPP - $20 Bonus
      1.500 MPP - $35 Bonus

      The transfer can take up to 3 or 4 days.

      If you didn't get any bonus you should contact the mansion support.

      Best regards,
    • RavForenzo
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      i had to badger Mansion support a bit, but about 3 e-mails later i recieved all my bonus'

      you do get them. Eventually! I made an error in depositing before i'd cleared the bonus and had to clear the first deposit bonus as well before i got my pokerstrategy bonus. But i did get both.