Pokeroffice on new mansion

    • Nastypasty
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      Firstly, I just want to mention my first opinion of the new site is: awful. I dont like it. I think its quicker and less resource hungry , but its basically Titan poker wrapped in Mansion colours. The casino is distracting, we no longer have hotkeys, the double or nothing tournaments are turbo only and when you select multitable, the bloomin chat options keep flickering.
      Some good out there im sure, but im yet to find it. But ill keep searching.

      My main question is if anyone knows how to configure poker office for the new mansion. It it still the same network (pokerroom)? Or do we use a new one now.

      I have a small problem where I tracks other peoples hands and actions, and it gives me statistics, but it is not tracking my own starting hands, and therefore I cant get outs&odds stats.. Anyone know how to help?
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    • Dippy19
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      Hello Nastypasty!

      I don't really know what pokeroffice is, but if you had it set on pokerroom before, you should probably set it on iPoker or one of iPoker sites(ex. Titan).

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    • SalamiandCheese
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      You probably have to do something similar to what I had to do with Poker Tracker. Here's what I did in a nutshell:

      I Changed the settings under iPoker to include the directory "C:\Poker\MansionPoker" when importing. And that's it, :tongue:

      The old Mansion used to keep stats in a folder in this directory, "C:\Program Files\MansionPoker".

      Hope that helps.