[NL2-NL10] NL10 KA on

    • gaz639
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      Titan Poker 0.05/0.10, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button ($2.25)
      SB ($7.48)
      BB ($1.72)
      UTG ($3.57)
      UTG+1 ($24.88)
      MP HERO ($2.00)
      MP ($2.42)
      CO-1 CO-1 ($1.30)
      CO ($11.93)

      Preflop: , 2 folds, HERO raises to 0.40, 1 fold, CO-1 moves all-in for 1.30, 4 folds, HERO calls 0.90.

      Flop (2.75) K:diamond: 3:diamond: 9:spade:

      Turn (2.75) T:spade:

      River (2.75) J:heart:

      Was this the right thing to do? I think i got it right just a bad beat i think, had lots of those last night, lost with ka 4 times and AA 3 times
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    • Gerv
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      Hi gaz639,

      According to the Reraise Basic chart finding HERE
      You can clearly see it is +EV to push with AK because your remaining stack is $1.6 and you've betted $0.4 already makes it a ratio of 4:1.

      Also from another point of view:

      Pot / Amount to call
      ($1.3 + $0.4 + $0.15)x0.95 & you have to call $0.9
      $1.75 win by calling for $0.9
      Thus you win 1 time and lose 2 times giving you a break-even equity of 33% (1/3).

      So with AceKing, when you face pocket Queens or lower, you have an equity of 45%
      When facing AceQueen or lower, you have a 70% equity against him
      When facing Kings or Aces you have around 20%.
      Based on this you can take those percentages and divide them by 3. This is very very general and marginal because Aces or Kings doesnt appear a lot against you when you have Ace King for example ;)

      So let's say you see Queens or lower 1.5x more than Aces or Kings.
      Calculation is:
      (0.45 x 1.5)+0.7+0.2 divided by 3.
      1.575 divided by 3.
      = 0.525 = a short-term equity of 53%. Since you have 53% and you only need 33%

      One can see this is a clear instant-call. So what you did is good! :)

      I hope this makes sense,

      - Gerv
    • gaz639
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      ty gerv that makes perfect sense, i thought i was doing the right thing, i only just noticed that i only called instead of pushing but i think this was because he went all in and i was the last person to act, thanks for your help though i needed some guidance and a confidence boost after my big downswing last night
    • IngolPoker
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      AK preflop allin = nh ;)

      @downswing: you dont even know what you are talking about ;)