PokerStrategy is GOOOOOD!

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      I played 5 card draw with friends for about a year around 20 years ago. Three years ago, I set up my first online account but never really played regularly.

      I managed to make to the stage of a break-even player (had withdrawn the total sum that I deposited and was playing with the winnings). Sometimes I'd play the account down to almost 0 and not have enough for the smallest buy-in for a no limit STT (my favourite). Being unwilling to deposit, I'd play freerolls and build up from there. Then I'd get drunk X( when playing (a big NO-NO) and start over.

      The last time I went to sub buy-in level, I recalled a colleague telling me about free $50 from PokerStrategy. Never bothered to look at it previously as no one really does anything for free on the internet. - This time I thought - at least read up on it and give it a go. My colleague stopped playing after blowing the $50 by the way. :rolleyes:

      After reading through the strategy guide for STTs, I was able to complete the test in a few minutes, only once having to look at the chart to see what to do with a particular hand in the given situation.

      In less than 16 hours, €34.25 were in my account (Why Networks that don't accept US players still use Dollars instead of Euros for the games is beyond me).

      The first STT, I played strictly by the beginners tips - and lost. In the second game I started realising some mistakes but lost again. In the third STT I started combining my experience with what I had just learned and was reading more strategy tips at the same time - until I read the section on "Willingness" where it also says "Pay attention to the game - no watching TV or surfing..."(I lost the third as well). The fourth game - I placed first, leaving me with a tiny profit. :D

      Whilst waiting for the $50 to be credited to my account, I was reading in the forums and watching some of the videos. If the Black member parties aren't an incentive... . ;)

      In closing I have to thank the people behind PokerStartegy and express my respect for the person who came up with the concept. See you at a Black member party.

      Peace and good hands (especially when playing against me and I have better cards), JackStack
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