Are there any second chances?

    • slickdigital
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      Playing on full tilt as sub71

      I only play STT and MTT events - got $15 of my bonus released, and am 7 points short of a further $5.

      There are many reasons I am out of bank roll - management being the key, however if an excuse can be given, playing STT and MTTS my varience and luck during the period was a cold run which could have frozen to the bone most players...

      Are there any 2nd chance promotions for players??

      I would be prepared to transfer cash into someones account( a moderator or trusted member not any random!!) and they would have to be in the UK so I can get to a bank branch to allow them to credit my FT account as I dont have credit/debt cards if thats whats required....

      Do you track Will Hill ( crypto) - i.e can my play there be tracked by PS?/
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