[NL20-NL50] SH NL30 KQs

    • Atoks
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      Seat 2: CatInWhite ($29.77 in chips)
      Seat 3: Sarko_93 ($19.44 in chips)
      Seat 5: HERO ($58.94 in chips) HAND: KD QD
      Seat 9: c_KRIKRI ($27.75 in chips)
      Seat 10: storschy ($33.79 in chips)

      HERO posts small blind ($0.15), c_KRIKRI posts big blind ($0.30).

      storschy folds, CatInWhite bets $0.90, Sarko_93 folds, HERO calls $0.75, c_KRIKRI folds.

      FLOP [board cards: 7H,3D,KC ]
      HERO checks, CatInWhite bets $1.50, Xalaks calls $1.50.

      TURN [board cards: 7H,3D,KC,5D ]
      HERO checks, CatInWhite bets $3.75, Xalaks bets $10, CatInWhite bets $23.62 and is all-in, HERO?

      No real reads or stats on the opposition.
      I decided to limp in cause I had good odds and a reasonable hand but I wasn't thinking about 3beting here. Flop came TP for me and I decided to just call. On the turn I get an interesting card and I decide to try go for extra value. But then the shove comes. Is this a call or fold situation?
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    • Kaitz20
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      I understand you´re Xalaks, since you went c/r on the turn, then you can´t fold to shove. You might be up to 14 outs and you have to call 13$, getting very good odds.
    • xylere
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      I would lead turn i guess)
      your hand is way too strong to let him check behind. What he will often do with hands like KT/KJ, 99-JJ, 98, A7.
      And if he raises with AK, now you can shove and put him in a spot, where he has to decide whether his TPTK is good enough) obviously he will call, but still))

      and as played, easy call

      don't like c/r though
      you are losing more value then getting

      he is folding all the hands you can beat and calling/pushing better ones
    • Kaitz20
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      bet/shove turn is interesting line, but I can´t see us being ahead when we end up all-in :)
      But I also like betting out turn, since board is drawy and player might go on pot control his middle pair or KJ and if he holds A hight then he checks behind.