Bug with PFR and AF

    • DeKuip
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      Today I noticed something what I think is a bug in the software. I was playing against somebody who had a PFR and 3bet average of 0 over 700+ hands. That couldn't be right, so I checked what might be wrong. Now I looked at his hands and I saw that when he did something, he always moved all-in directly. So he never made a normal raise, but always a direct push and apparently Elephant doesn't registrate those immediate pushes for PFR and 3bet values.
      So I think this is a bug, if not I hope somebody could explain me what's going on instead :)

      In the HUD and when viewing my hands it also says that AF is 0. But when you go to Villains hands and go to "Analyse", you'll find the AF with a infinity-sign, but that only shows up in his own "Analyse", not on the HUD or when I'm viewing the hand itself...
      But I think it's rather useful information!
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    • galam
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      Well we are aware of the first problem and as far as i know that will be fixed in the next bigger release. For the second one its not a bug its a feature i guess. In the HUD there is afilter on the game level and number of players so maybe thats why there are different stats.