1 table SnG to MTT

    • phullhand
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      Hi guys,

      I'm sorry if this question could appears a little stupid...
      I decided to play SnG and MTT (I have been playing NL SSS), and started to read SnG/MTT strategy articles.
      The first article says that the strategy explained should be applied on 1 table 10 players SnG. I'm following this, and at so far I'm doing good.
      But now I want to try some bigger SnG (180 players) and a few tournaments, but I didn't find any article on strategy session.
      It means that I should keep playing the same way? or I have to adapt my game using another strategy??


      Best regards.
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    • Dragar
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      MTTs are very different from SnGs.

      Read the other posts on this forum, there has been a lot of discussion lately.

      Basically it contains the elements of SnGs, but at multiple times throughout the tournament, with some extra things.

      Your always at a table of 10... the only thing important is the blind and ante level and your stack size compared to the rest. The rest doesn't matter if your playing to win the tourney. Although you might want to keep an eye on the average chip level throught the tourney to give you a feel if your behind or ahead.

      Adjust you SnG play style to this. And remember the blinds will keep rising so the endgame only happens at the final table. Till then you will be shortstack and bigstack at multiple times.

      (Sorry I don't want to post more detailed strategies since I tried to do this on other posts on this forum, just search :) )
    • Puciek
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      Be ready for a lot bigger downswings as this is normal for mtts. Also you will have to at least 1-2 times come from the dead to even get into money in every single mtt.
      I strongly suggest getting HoHs if you plan good tournament career.
    • curnow
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      hi phullhand

      the 27 45 & 180 sng on pokerstars & fulltilt are great way to get into MTT , if you are good sng player then the final table will be easy and you will have a big edge on it , just getting there the hard part

      there is no right / wrong way to play MTT but you will find some good strategy gides on the net & on post here + think PokerStrategy are working on guides

      Annette15 claims to have won 180 on stars without looking at cards but look it up on youtube and it interesting watching her play position & playing the players , dont think can post link on here

    • Jesusitonsky
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      is almost the same but in MTT u have to take some more risk, because u want the first place.