Ok guys so far i do the following to improve my game :

    Read strategy articles
    Post Hands
    Post Questions
    Play alot of hands

I do feel my leaks at the moment are my WTSD%, big blind defense post flop, and then some general postflop play, and adjusting my preflop play from the bronze preflop charts for villians.

Now i am gonna post a video again in the near future, but i was thinking maybe i can be part of this "Help other and i will help you" promotion the guys got going on. So i wana be the guy getting helped.

So i am lookign for a FR specialist who beats atleast the 50c/$1 for 1BB/100. I would like to be able to send my sessions to my "mentor" and get them reviewed to help me find leaks. Also be available on a chat client for me to ask questions.

Maybe i am asking for a lot here, but am just trying to think of ways to plug my leaks.

Anyone interested ?