Few SSS questions....

    • Ironvein
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      Question 1) SSS states buyin as 20BB... what if min buy is greater (ex. .01/.02 min $1; PokerStars)

      Question 2) Overpair + nothing on flop where overpair is still high pair... How to play?

      Question 3) Similar to 2 above Overpair + pair in flop where overpair is the higher pair... How to play?

      Thx in advance
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    • gaz639
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      i will try to answer these but i am only a beginner on sss really,

      1) The only tables i know where this would be the case would be deep tables or full stack tables so just choose the normal tables for sss play

      2) I would bet around 2/3-3/4 pot, don't slow play or check as they could have a low pair and get 2 pair or set etc

      3) It depends what the pair on the board is but i would more than likely still play it in the same way, if the pair was low cards like say 2-6 then considering your 4BB+1 per limper raise pre flop your opponent ideally shouldn't be carrying these cards although it happens, but if say the board was 7qq and you were holding kk then the q could easily be in your opponents hand range, if this is the case i would still conti bet then depending on my opponents reaction decide on what to do on the turn

      i hope this helps and please correct me if i am wrong as this could also improve my play
    • delete461
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      On most sites you cannot play SSS on the micro tables, due to the min buy in. Generally you have to start at $0.05/$0.10 tables
    • harleytopper
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      Simple answer to 2. and 3. question:

      If you have overapair you should bet 2/3 pot if bet is 1/2 of your remaining stack, move all in. If someone donks flop, just go all in. If you have special situations- post hands.
    • Rowkilla
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      Ive been playing SSS on NL0.01/0.02 aswell, as far as i know theres nothing you can do about the minimum buyin, but to me SSS still works with that buyin.