• nattybongo
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      I had my SC to FT, after a while of good poker i got upto $230. After a while of drinking lots with my mates and playing drunk poker i went down to $30 lmao.
      After a short break i decided to join a $24 + $2 MTT with a $15k GTD. There was 650 people in it.

      I CAME 7th! BOOSH!!!!!!!! won $466. I could of came better if i didnt make a certain play with KQo from early pos. Sum1 called my raised with AA. Well u know the rest of the story when u hit TP on board in a crazy final table.

      Only got $9 left to clear my bonus then im going to cash out and use this money for my new years holiday trip to AMSTER-DOODLE-DAM!!!!
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