question on the 4 push and robounds charts

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      Hi Guys,
      I have been playing the other night an MTT - I had 16k chips blinds were 1k-2k ie i had 8 blinds.
      I was UTG with KJs and immieately shoved allin.
      I must say that until then I had a pretty tight image and the table was also very tight.
      Ofcourse the big blind called with QQs and bum - end of game..

      Well that's fine no problem for me but I still have a big question here:
      The chart sais that if I have less than 8 blinds AND all the other players on table (we were 7 at the time) also have less than 8 , I should shove it with KJs, BUT of course that there will be 1/2 opponenets with more than 8 blinds.
      So should I just fold the hand ?
      Seems unreasonable and there are more examples like a real awkward 1, say I have JJs and 12 blinds, being at UTG should I not shove it if there are players behind me with more than 12 blinds ? AAs - ofcourse I should..

      I am sure missing here something - your answers would be truly appriciated.

      J :)

      I am quoting the article, I bold the relevant quote:
      ...."Now you find numbers from 4 to 13. As you could have guessed already, these numbers tell you how many big blinds you must have to go all-in with your hand in this position. If there is a 5, for instance, you will have to go all-in if you or every opponent behind you has 5 or less big blinds. Otherwise (e.g. an opponent behind you has 6 big blinds left) you must fold. "....
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    • Sai7
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      I don't really use the chart anymore, but from memory i believe you look at your own big blinds first. So regardless of if anyone has more than 6 big blinds, if you have 5 or less you shove the corresponding hand.

      The part you bolded means that if you have a lot of chips, maybe 20bb deep, then you only shove that hand if all opponents after you have 5bb or less.
      [I think this is what you are asking, not sure]

      As for your examples, i'm not sure, just follow what the chart says because they have been made/tested before being released.
    • watfordjc
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      As Sai7 said, you look at your blinds first (the article could really make that clearer). "[...] If there is a 5, for instance, you will have to go all-in if you or every opponent behind you has 5 or less big blinds. [...]"

      With 7 players, UTG would place you in middle position, so (looking at the chart) you'd shove with 10BB or less with KJs.

      That's how I understand it.

    • Jesusitonsky
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      easy push with KJs. Doesnt matter if they are short or bigstacks