Full Tilt & Elephant

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      I tried to use the Elephant when playing on Full Tilt but no hands were imported and no stats etc.

      When I was checking the settings (Elephant in a left corner - Settings - Sites - Edit ...) I had a message that the path: c:\Poker File\ Full Tilt\Hands History does not exist. Please check your input.

      Well, I could not find that folder. I tried to add\test other links, like for example: C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\Table\LastHand but it did not work.
      All the files that I am checking seems to be graphic folders
      (I compared them to files that I have from Titan - that is why I tried this LastHand folder)

      I was so desperate that I unistalled and installed Full Tilt, hoping that the first time I just missed something , but still no improvement.

      Additionally, in Hud Settings - Hud Settings there is an option FullTilt:
      - activate FullTilt Race track Layout

      (dont really understand what it suppose to change but I tried with and without)

      If anybody could give me some feedback, it would be much appreciated.
      At least, to what kind of folder is your Elephant linked toFull Tilt?

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