I don't think i ever did introduce myself :P .
I'm 19 and live in Canada Ont.

I've been a member for a while almost a year in a few months i think. I wasn't very active until recently. I was working 12 hour days and was pretty tired after work or wanted to go out, so i didn't get to play much poker. Recently I've been playing at lest a little everyday to better my game, reading and FOLLOWING the articles, thats important to point out cuz befor I thought i was a hot shot, some of you may know how it is:P , I would play with like 6 friends and always win, then i got my $50 dollars and thought hey i can do this myself, my bankroll went down to like $39 and i knew i was just a donk with an ego. I bought the books HoH1/2/3, theory of poker, theory and practice of poker, and poker for advanced players, re-read the articles and now I've got my bankroll back up to $60.

So there is my intro. Just thought I'd say Hi, since i never did before :)