Rakeback[not] !!!

    • silent21
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      I am gold member, i make between 300 and 500 points every week. I have not received rakeback from 25.09. Ive submitted a ticket but it is not answered after several days... Hey u forum administrators go and ask somebody about this after u see my post because if i dont get respond soon ill just change my account and go to another rakeback affiliate.

      ps. for the last month i made 1248 PS Points. The rakeback i have received so far is 148.41$. I have played ONLY !! 1 !! 50FTP bi tourney.

      I want some1 to explain me why my rake is calculated this way. Or just the advertisement is 27% and in fact it is ~15%.

      Thank you.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello silent21,

      The reason why you haven't received rakeback since the 25th is that it is transferred once a week (instead of once a month as it used to be). The payment for this Friday seems to be somewhat delayed - but since we are dependent on Full Tilt lists to issue the rakeback there can be some irregularities.

      Just be patient please.

      Best regards,